How To Find Your Niche In Event Planning.

How To Find Your Niche In Event Planning.

 You are just about to venture into the world of event planning and you have no idea where to begin. Event planning entails a lot of different aspects, it is therefore important to know your area of specialization. In event planning there two distinct areas;

  1. Corporate event planning.
  • Trade shows.
  • Annual convections.
  • Executive board meetings.
  • Corporate retreats.
  • Local fundraisers.
  • Business grand openings
  1. Social event planning.
  • Bridal and baby showers.
  • Theme parties.
  • Birthdays

Hence the importance of finding your niche in the world of event planning.


    How do you find your niche? 

  • Are you an expert?

Even before you progress into event planning and finding your niche, you need to have had at least some experience in planning an event. There is no way clients are going to trust you without some experience. Becoming an expert in your niche market is a good quality for any business.

  • Availability of a market.

Research is key. Study culture, demographic details and economic. You don’t want to invest time, energy and money on a market that does not actually exist.

  • Are there existing gaps in the market?

The catch here is to ask yourself and find out if there are existing gaps in the market. Are you willing to invest time and money to fill the gaps? Ask existing clients about their needs and interests. This will make it easier to market your business to potential clients.

  • Consider your competition.

Do a backgrounds check on organizations that are in the area that you want to specialize in. come up with strategies that will make your business different from your competition. What will attract potential clients and also keep existing clients?

  • Know your target audience.

For any successful business focusing on your target audience is critical. Before starting out, do a market research on you audiences’ needs. Talk to prospective customers in order to have a clear idea of what they want. Businesses succeed because there is demand on product or services they are offering.


Having a narrow focus is beneficial for business growth in event planning. This saves your time, business cost by purchasing supplies relevant to your specialization and you will quickly become well versed on all areas.

It also makes it easier for you to market your services.  


I’d love your thoughts on the subject matter. Feel free to drop by and leave a comment. Thank you. Till next week, ciao!

                                                                                        Compiled by: Connie Wacuka.