The Campaign

NSE launched IBUKA on 17th December 2018.The event was attended by media and different financial stakeholders. IBUKA is a platform which will enable NSE to host select Kenyan companies on a 10 month course aimed at enhancing their visibility, offering access to a host of financial advisors and consultants, and exposure to local and international investors. It will also enable companies to enhance their business structure as they prepare for their next phase of growth.

Zuri Events provided a launch kit, launch concept, decor, food, sound and photography.

The Outcome

The launch brought together different organizations with the aim enabling companies unlock their growth potential through well-structured incubation programmes that place a special focus on enhancing the select companies’ business structure, visibility and ability to attract investment among local and international investors. It has also been designed to meet international standards that will see Kenyan companies benefit from access to a wider network of experienced market professionals, broaden their knowledge and experience, and enable them join an excellent path towards access to the Kenyan capital market.”

“We are honored and delighted to be part of a programme that will help us fast track our business and future outlook through expert consulting and business modelling for enterprise growth and development as we look towards our next growth phase for our business. " ~ Mr. Dan Githua, Chief Executive Officer, Tuskys Supermarkets