Since 2007, Zuri Events has been at the forefront in organising events that provide value to the clients, while leaving a positive impact and a long - lasting legacy after the event is long gone.

We have provided events management solutions to the following:

1. Pharmaceutical companies such as Square Pharmaceuticals (Bangaladesh) that provide medical solutions to hundreds of people making them have healthier and wealthier lives;

2. Automobile Companies such as Be Forward (Japan) that have enabled hundreds of Thousands of persons to own their won vehicles that has eased their movement and also provided a source of income through the Taxi - Hailing Applications

 3. Corporate Social ResponsibilityPrograms such as The Equity Bank Wings to Fly Program that has provided a brighter future to thousands of needy but smart children who have in turn impacted their families and communities positively; 

4. Technology companies such as Checkpoint Softwares (Israel) that has been able to secure billions of people from across the world against the threat of Cyber Bullying, Spoofing and Malware, making their businesses more profitable 

5. Beauty companies such as DMM Group (Japan) that have provided people with the opportunity to feel good about themselves by providing them with personalised Beauty solutions such as the O2 Nail Printer that enables ladies (or gentlemen) to wear images of their loved ones on their nails

6. Governmental entities such as the Embassy of Thailand that has enabled thousands of Kenyans fly out to Thailand and vice - versa in pursuit of Greener Pastures, employment and investment opportunities.