Help Your Clients to Set Priorities

It's important for any engaged couple to decide what elements of a wedding are the most meaningful and which are less important. For some couples, the food and drink bit have to be on the top line, Others want the best live band, mc and most famous dJ, not forgetting the sound system on board.

If having a big wedding with alot of guests is a must, drastic measures are of great importance and priority has to be key 


  • Skip the little extras.

 There are small special touches like save-the-date notices, ceremony programs, guest roses, charger plates for each guests(though they look great on the table set up) and a cocktail side set certainly help to make a wedding unique, but will likely go unnoticed if they're skipped.Things like a special dance and special cake cutting knifeand serving crockery with a hired cordinator are not as necessary. The caterer or venue will provide the basics at no extra cost.

  • Don't use limousines. 

If needed, a friend can drive the couple wherever they need to go.

 Alternately,as a wedding planner i would advice my client to rent a unique car for leaving the reception  even at a couple hundreds, preferrably from a friend or a friend's friend who does the exotic types, it's significantly less than a chauffeured vehicle!
  • Cut way down on the flowers.

 Bridesmaids can carry a single, elegant stem or a tiny "kissing ball" instead of an elaborate bouquet  that will ofcourse have you cough off an elaborate amount. Centrepiece may also have one or two stems placed to create a style

  • Buy used!

 There are so many wedding purchases that can be made secondhand. Consider the fact that weddings are a one time event and most items involved are used delicately.

For instance,the Wedding gown can often be rented or purchased from specialty consignment shops, or the online shops and sites like Brides On A Budget, or preferably a friend who recently did a wedding.

The groomsmen can wear boutonnieres of greenery rather than the costly ones of exotic style and still bring out a perfect theme .

  • DIY items

The table decor can be made to look as simple and elegant with a DIY centrepiece of a crafted wine bottle with a rose in ot or a tailor made sew-on pom pom which can also be made by self. Also, less conventional decorative touches like a bowl of fruits on the table or branches sprayed with none stick paint of the theme color may as well come out very unique and appealing.


  •  Be creative

As s wedding planner, it's crucial to mind your clients' budget when you're willing to go "off the map" to find unconventional options for a wedding.

Doing a wedding on a Friday or a Sunday  or even better,  in the middle of the week  is a great way to save, and friends and family members likely won't mind. The contact person at the chosen venue may also be able to help identify some "hot dates" (in other words, slow dates) that are available for much less cost.

This is ideal in that bit cuts the number of guests who would have come because they are free and otherwise not come because they are busy during weekdays.