An attractive set up in the right space and design goes a long way in creating a memorable event.


Zuri events has 10 years experience in the industry. We have Knowledge of the new concepts and designs that make an event stunning.

We have built a strong relationships with different venue managment and we have the ability to guide you with selection and coordination.


Our inventory is well equiped.We also have amazing supplier contacts and relationship. We are able to Provide you with what you need for each kind of event . We provide Tents, Exhibiton Panels, Fabric,all types of chairs, Lighting, all types of tables, Centrepieces, Barriers, Carpets, Roman Pillars, confetti machines, Pyrotechnics, Smoke Machines, Flowers,Shephard hooks,Flooring,AV equpment, Plasmas, PA systems and many more.

We consider our company as your one stop shop for all event solutions. We do not only Provide Supplies we ensure our clients get Convinence and Keep their peace of mind during every event we handle.